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About the Fund

A charity and support fund of priest-educator J. Katelė was established on 23 June 2011. In accordance with the statute, the fund seeks to maintain the memory of priest Jonas Katelė, to remind his educative work in Rokiškis parish: establishment of book smugglers network' and illegal Lithuanian schools, promotion of the Lithuanian identity and cultural life creation, upholding of abstinence, providing and showing a different way of life for poor parishioners and introduction of spiritual and cultural guidelines. Also in these times of materialism and scepticism, to wake the nation and encourage young people to implement and uphold spiritual values. At present, one of the main priorities of the fund is an implemented project  "Establishment of the centre of traditional crafts in Panemunėlis and its adaptation for the needs of the community." The project is intended for the restoration and completion of the old parsonage built in 1883 and adaptation of the new building to the needs of the Panemunėlis community: to establish a museum of priest-educator Jonas Katelė, the centre of traditional crafts and education classes adapted for educational activities.

Aims of the fund

1. To support and provide free assistance to disabled people, the sick, single disabled individuals, orphans or children, left without parental care or who lost one of their parents, for large and low-income families, unemployed and individuals whose income cannot guarantee the minimum standard of living; to be the beneficiary and the provider.
2. To support social and economic programs in the formation of organisational means, prerequisites, traditions and civic initiatives for disabled persons to be active in their social integration problems.
3. To support disabled persons, using their existing physical, intellectual, organisational activity opportunities, professional and other means when preparing or (and) implementing business and other conceptions, and other ideas of implementing projects.
4. To provide charity and support to victims of war, natural and ecological disasters, epidemics of diseases; help cope with the consequences of those catastrophes, disasters and epidemics.
5. Helping to find a job by retraining unemployed persons.
6. To support programs for the development of science, culture, education, art, religion, sports, health and social care.
7. To encourage environmental protection and environmental management programs.
8. To promote programs of history, nature, architecture, protection, commemoration and restoration works of cultural values.
9. To encourage other socially beneficial activities and government-declared social programs.
10. To support rural, urban and regional development projects and programs.
11. To promote other society-beneficial projects and programs.
12. To investigate and clarify the charity needs and assist in solving them.
13. To provide charity and support in Lithuania and abroad following the laws and acts.

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